AI Services

AI based Quality checking for downstream supply chain management- A services engagement done for a manufacturing company. To reduce defects and returns of the finished products we created an anomaly detection algorithm based solution. The algorithm detects products, which requires to be further tested for any potential errors.

Spend Management analytics dashboard - A services engagement for an engine manufacturer to provide visibility and actionable insight on various procurement spending. Color coded KPIs and various charts provide powerful analytics to the business user.

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    ARA - Autonomous Review Assist

    An intelligent review system automation using Neural network & NLP to assist reviewers in regulatory certification process

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    ALTA - AI Language Tutor Assistant

    Using Automatic speech recognition & deep learning based classification to provide self assessment platform to assist language learning 

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Qument’s unique delivery model maximizes value derivation & customer success in harnessing the power of AI/ML.


  • Identify

    Our team of domain experts work with the customer to identify business opportunities / challenges
  • Visualize

    The solution is first visualized at a process level
  • Prototype

    The solution is prototyped and validated
  • Deploy

    The solution is extended and deployed
  • Measure

    Validate value realisation through process monitoring

Services & Partnering

We work with our clients in manufacturing, high-tech, logistics, entertainment and education domains to identify, prototype and implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based custom solutions. Our innovative and tailored solutions help clients to solve tough challenges as well as to improve business efficiency giving them an edge over competitors.

We also partner with multiple clients giving them access to experts in cutting edge technologies. This enables clients to achieve their goals and deliverable efficiently and timely.

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